Epilepsy Diagnosis

This is done by neurologists, partly based on EEG reports by neurophysiologists.

Contributions to Epilepsy Diagnosis & Management by this Practice

1Disease Surveillance function
Because EEG is routinely performed at the practice, this increases the probability of identifying persons with features suggestive of epilepsy. These will be referred on to neurologists.
2EEG & Psychological Test Correlations
Significant EEG deviations from normal are tested against expected deviations from normal on psychological tests. The practice performs both EEG and neuropsychological tests.
3Behavioural Problems & Dysregulated Brain Networks
Research based on functional neuro-imaging, including fMRI, SPECT, PET, EEG have confirmed the correlation between dysregulation in several brain networks with symptoms. These neurophysiological deviations, which can be detected by EEG, may or not be associated with epilepsy. Below is an abbreviated list of such behaviours, courtesy of Dr. Robert Thatcher (www.appliedneuroscience.com).