1. The idea that the mind exists as an immaterial entity separate from the body is a myth. Rather, what people popularly refer to as “mental processes” are manifestations of brain function, no more no less.
  2. All psychological processes, without exception, are physiological (biological) processes.
  3. Thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and other “psychological” phenomena, are biological processes, more specifically, electro-chemical processes.
  4. References to “mind & body”, “mental & physical”, “emotional & physical trauma” and others, are loose and misleading expressions.
  5. Social factors and life experiences, which are often seen as root cause of some psychological problems, are merely environmental influences, like the weather.
  6. “Psychological” treatments produce their effects through biological mechanisms, often unrecognized.

These ideas are explained more fully in these publications:

Mureriwa, JFL (2017). Common Factors in Psychotherapy: The Autonomic Nervous System Final Common Pathway. Current Advances in Neurology and Neurological Disorders, 2017 (1) 1-12

JFL (2017) (Reprint). Psychology is Entirely Physical: Taking the Mind out of Behavioural Neuroscience (p. 53). Lambert Academic Publications. International Book Market Service Ltd.

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