Assessment Process

Process flow at Dr. MURERIWA practice.

Step 1: Initial Assessment (Day 1)

Step 2: EEG Assessment

Collection of EEG samples such as these.

These EEG images were captured at our laboratory using the Neuroguide EEG Software:

Step 3: Psychological Tests

May include neurocognitive tests for memory, abstract thinking, reaction time, Depression, Anxiety, and others.

Step 4: Intervention

  • EEG Biofeedback.
  • Referral To: Neurologists, other psychologists, Physicians, Psychiatrists, Occupational therapists, Social workers, and others.

Conversion of EEG data into neuro-images like this.

The red cross-hairs pinpoint the brain location which deviates most from normal. In this example, the crosshairs fall on the left Para hippocampus of a patient who complaints of severe forgetfulness.